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Application to the 2017 Cohort is now closed. Stay tuned for the next Cohort application in July!


The Fellowship is the 24-month flagship program of Teach for the Philippines that attracts young Filipinos who are passionate about building our nation through education. We train leaders, called Teacher Fellows, to become lifelong advocates for education equity who will eventually transform the Philippine education landscape.


A Teacher Fellow Candidate’s transformative journey begins with a 2-month intensive Summer Institute (SI).  In SI, Teacher Fellow Candidates do not only undergo training in progressive pedagogy and curricular requirements but also earn units in education. Upon induction, Teacher Fellow Candidates are officially accepted as Teacher Fellows and then deployed as fully -paid teachers in a public elementary school for 2 school years. Teach for the Philippines believes the entire experience is as transformative for the students and the school community as it is for the Teacher Fellows.