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Application to the 2017 Cohort is now closed. Stay tuned for the next Cohort application in July!

Top 10 Application Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a Letter of Intent (LOI)?

A Letter of Intent states your interest in and understanding of the program. We do not require that you upload a separate document in your application—instead, please paste your letter of intent into the “Essay Questions” section of the application form. You are highly encouraged to use the guide questions given and should not limit yourself to responding to them point by point.


2. Can I save my application if I have not completed it?

You can save and re-visit your application as many times as you want, before finally hitting submit.  To do this, you must check the box beside “Save my progress and resume later” at the top/bottom of each page of the application form and you will then be asked to provide an email address and password to be able to access the form again.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Before submitting your application, you will be given the chance to review all your responses. We recommend that you save this summary for your own reference. Once you click the “Submit” button, you will NOT be able to review or edit your application.


3.   I forgot my username and/or password. How do I resume my online application?

The Admissions Team can reset your password. Send an email to to request for a new password. The new password should be sent to the email you provided within 48 hours.


We encourage you to verify that the email address you provide us is valid and accurate.  Teach for the Philippines uses email as a primary method of formal communication.


4.   How much do grades matter?

Grades are but one of many factors we consider.  The Admissions Committee looks at your candidacy in its totality. Candidates are given the chance to elaborate not only on their academic performance but also other work, as well as volunteer and leadership experiences at different stages during the application process.


5.   What if I don’t have a background in education or teaching experience?

Teach for the Philippines welcomes individuals from all fields of expertise. We believe that the diversity of backgrounds lends itself to the success of our mission to achieve educational equity for all children. This said, the intensive training before the start of each school year includes modules that translate to units in education. By the end of the 24-month program, Fellows who do not come from an education background would be eligible to take the Licensure Exam for Teachers.


6.   I am already employed as a teacher in a public school. Can I still apply?

Following our agreement with DepEd, current public school teachers need to give up their current “teacher item” if they choose to become a Fellow. 


Through a Department of Education (DepEd) MOA, Teach for the Philippines Teacher Fellows are allowed to teach in public schools for 2 years without a teacher item. Fellows are considered employees of Teach for the Philippines and assigned as teachers in a partner placement school, based on the needs of the community.


7.   Is there an age limit?

There is no strict age limit, but keep in mind that teaching in our public schools as well as maintaining the training requirements of Teach for the Philippines requires a lot of patience, energy, and above all, commitment.  The responsibilities and expectations of a Fellow go beyond the hours spent teaching in the classroom and might be better suited for individuals who have flexibility in time, concentration, and who are able to commit themselves in mind/body/spirit for 24 months.


8.   I am currently working/residing out of the Metro Manila/country and might not be available to physically join an Assessment Center (AC). Can I still apply?

We offer Virtual Assessment Centers (VAC) only for those who cannot be at the Teach for the Philippines headquarters for in-person interviews – often due to constraints in location. Candidates who get invited to an AC but cannot travel to our office should immediately inform the Admissions Team of their inability to be physically present at the AC venue. The Admissions Team will evaluate requests for VACs on a case-to-case basis.


You will need a webcam, internet access, mobile phone line and either a Skype or Google account to be eligible for VAC.


9.   I previously applied and was not able to finish the entire process/was not accepted, can I reapply?

Candidates may only apply once during the annual admissions cycle but are absolutely welcome to reapply during subsequent admission cycles! There is no limit to the number of times an interested applicant can reapply to the Fellowship.  In fact, some of our strongest candidates are re-applicants!


While we cannot assure that we will provide feedback to those who do not get accepted, we encourage those individuals to work on gaining alternative experiences and also work on learning more about the movement that Teach for the Philippines seeks to establish.


10.  If accepted, can I defer my admission?

If accepted, you may send a letter to the Admissions Committee requesting a deferral. However, please note that entrance into the next year’s cohort will not be guaranteed and each request is reviewed thoroughly on a case-to-case basis.

And one more…If I do not apply for the Fellowship, how else can I get involved with Teach for the Philippines?

Teach for the Philippines has a number of positions open for Staff and Civic Engagement Participants. A number of civic engagement and community development activities are scheduled throughout the year. 


You may also send an email to to learn more.